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Alpha Liberty 125


"S" type front brakes - 4 piston

2 - "S" type pumps with proportioner

4 bolt mount HQ bearing cassettes

95mm long rear hubs in 40 or 50mm
Alpha Liberty 125 CIK 2003 - 2008 Homologated

Technical Features

Wheel base: 1040 mm.
Frame: 30 and 32 mm tubes. Chrome-Molybdenum steel (25CD 4S). Front and rear removable stabilizer bar.
Steering column: Double fork.
Front spindle: Solid "HQ" (machined), adjustable height, rake and caster.
Track rods: Ergal treated.
Front gauge: 90mm adjustable.
Fuel tank: Removable 8.5 I CIK homologated.
Seat: "KALIT" K3 with seat reinforcement supports.
Steering wheel: F1 steering wheel with "ALPHA" blue or red embroidery.
Bearing supports: 50 mm aluminum, adjustable height.
Rear axle: 50 mm hollow axle.
Rear hubs: "HQ" aluminum, 95mm long.
Front rims: 130 mm black magnesium with hub clamping and bead retainers.
Rear rims: 210 mm black magnesium with bead retainers.
Tires: According to class.
Brake: 3x 4 pistons hydraulic "HQ" brake calipers (patented). Brake proportioner with double adjustment.
Brake disks: Cast iron ventilated disks.
Chain tensioner: "HQ" aluminum.
Frame color: Red or electric blue epoxy paint. Chrome plated equipment.
Bodywork: "KG" CIK 08: Blue, white, red, yellow, black, silver, pearl white.
Weight: 51.8 kg (as on picture, with seat).
Packing: Delivered semi mounted, with all parts.


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